A few credits short of success...

The Mining Meet-up


Your old friend Alhir D’Argus has asked you to accompany him on a supply run, selling medical supplies to a new mining colony on the planet Muskree. The mine owner <nameunknown>, is an old acquaintance of Captain D’Argus’ and a bit of a scoundrel but know for fair prices and a honest approach to labour. He has funded the creation of this mine out of his own pocket and is expecting great returns.

“Alrighty, we are coming through the atmosphere now, landing at a pad within a few moments walk of <nameunknown>’s mine. He hasn’t struck it rich yet, but he has promised fair money for the med supplies. We will load them up, walk them there, take our pay and head out of this back water sector for a more developed outer rim planet.”

He nods to himself and lights his smoking pipe, an odd relic from a by gone past that seems to function similar to a Deathstick but without the hazardous chemicals.

“Of course, you will get your 20% for helping with the labour and for keeping me company on this trip. The obvious 10% bonus if you are called upon to ‘……’ during this trip but that ain’t likely to happen, hahaha.”



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